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Where we started

sydenham pharmacy christchurchSince 2011 FamilyBrands.co.nz has been helping customers from around the world with their health care needs. In today's fast paced world we find it is hard to find time for yourself. With emails, facebook, meetings and phone calls the last thing you want to do is spend your time off running around the shops - that is why we offer a pharmacy catalogue online so you can find the items you need and get them shipped to your door fast. No finding a park, no dragging the kids around the shop - you can be in and out of our online store in just a few minutes.

Our Mission

Over the years we have spent loads of time up-skilling and learning about new technology to try and give our customers a great customer experience. The aim is to grow our online pharmacy and give great customer service with a personal touch (even though you are shopping online).

Our Location

South Canterbury Pharmacy Ltd t/a Sydenham Central Pharmacy. We are located in Christchurch New Zealand and have a New Zealand Post Depot in our pharmacy which means we have the courier stopping by regularly to pick up orders. We dispatch orders from Family Brands c/o 359 Colombo St, Sydenham, Christchurch New Zealand. You can find us in the store 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (New Zealand Standard Time). If you want to get in touch it's a good idea to do it in New Zealand business hours. ( WE DO NOT OFFER IN STORE PICKUP. )

Kat and Jenni in our Christchurch Pharmacy

Our Team

Our team is passionate about healthy, nutrition and beauty and of course giving great customer service. On our team you will find...

Treatment Optimisation Pharmacists -  P Lau (Charge), T Mcleod-Jones, F Ding, J Ross
Customer Service - Kat and Jenni.
Web Geeks - Lucy, Allyn, Susan & Nina.

Our Customers

We service customers from around the world and find with the courier post depot in our store we can ship orders promptly around the world. We value our customers, because without them we could not have a business. Operating online comes with it's share of hiccups so we welcome any feedback from customers as we always want to up our game and give you the best service possible - plus sometimes there are things you see that we do not - so it's great to have another pair of eyes.

Great Service Great Service Great Service Great Service

Why Shop at our online pharmacy?

Fast Dispatch - We have a New Zealand post shop depot in our pharmacy. This means the courier stops by on a regular basis so we can ship your order out that day if it is made before 4pm. Find the products you want fast - Use the search box to easily find the products you want fast and have them delivered to your door. Video Support - We are building up video resources to help educate you about how to use certain products. Your favorite brands - over 8000 products on our website. Safe and Secure Shopping - We hate spam and make sure we always look after your data and protect your credit card when buying. Risk-Free Guarantee - We Guarantee a great shopping experience. Here when you need help - Call the team on and the team on 0800 741 139 or 03 741 1399  Need to get in touch.

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Great Service Great Service Great Service Great Service

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