Allergic Bites and stings

Suffering discomfort after an insect bite or sting? Most people who get stung will experience some pain or discomfort, as the skin around the bite usually turns red and swells up. You can help soothe this reaction with an allergy cream or gel or even an antihistamine tablet to help with the inflammation and also assist with reducing itchiness.  What is the most common allergic reaction to stings and bites?   |   Topical Relief   |   Inflammation
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What is the most common allergic reaction to stings and bites?

A mild reaction to stings and bites comes with the following symptoms that develop on the site of the sting: Pain, redness, pimple like spots, moderate swelling, and itchiness

Topical Relief

There are creams and lotions with numbing agents that help deal with the pain and keep the bite clean to prevent infection.  These are perfect for travelling and a must have in any first aid kit.


Taking an antihistamine can help reduce the inflammation and urge to itch your sting or bite by blocking your body's natural histamine receptors which produce the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Page updated 16/07/19 4:04:58 am

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