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Feeding your baby

It is generally recommended to breastfeed your baby, however for various reasons some women may need to or choose to bottle feed. When feeding your baby, use a nursing pillow or feeding pillow in order to support your arms and shoulders. If you get sore nipples as a result of breastfeeding, you can try using lanolin ointment to help find relief. When your baby starts eating food, you can choose from various styles of bibs to help catch the mess, and to assist in keeping them dry and comfortable. Waterproof and quick drying bibs can be super handy at this stage.

Baby health tips

  • It is always best to have a first aid kit ready, which includes a bulbsyringe for saline drops and a digital thermometer for helping assess if baby needs medical attention.
  • Teething can be very uncomfortable for a baby, so you can use teething toys or other teething remedies to help relieve it.
  • Trim your baby's nails for safety by using baby nail scissors or clippers.
  • When washing baby clothes it is best to use mild detergent.

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