For years, Betadine has been an essential content of every household first aid kit. It helps us prepare for the little accidents that happen as part of our daily lives, such as cuts, grazes and burns. Betadine is formulated to kill bacteria and viruses that may result in infections. It is a trusted name in protecting the families health.

What is Betadine?
| Why is it important to use an Betadine during injury?

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What is Betadine?

Betadine wound care is a range of povidone-iodine based products that help kill bacteria and viruses. This helps to reduce the risk of infection from the injuries caused by minor accidents. Applying Betadine on the wound will also assist in the healing process and will help get your loved ones back up and running. Betadine does not sting during application making it easier for use on kids.

Why is it important to use an Betadine during injury?

Betadine is an antiseptic. The role played by antiseptics in treating wounds is to prevent infection in order to speed up the healing process. When a wound or cut is infected, it delays the healing and may even result in other problems.
Page updated 22/07/19 5:32:30 am

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