Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron make a range of home blood pressure monitors to suit your needs. Each machine uses the latest technology to calculate your blood pressure in a flash. You can chose between an arm cuff or a wrist cuff or between self inflating or automatically inflating machines. These digital blood pressure monitors are portable and make taking and remembering your blood pressure easy wherever you are. Home blood pressure monitorsChoosing  |  Omron BP Monitors
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Home blood pressure monitors

Home blood pressure monitoring is recommended for people who worry about high blood pressure. Hypertension is the world's silent killer because most people who suffer from it do not know they have it. High blood pressure makes a person vulnerable to stroke and heart disease. Monitoring is a recommended way of controlling medication and lifestyle changes. Most blood pressure monitors are tested for accuracy, designed for the comfort of the user, and come with easy to follow instructions and high screen quality.

Choosing the right blood pressure monitor for your needs

You can choose between a wrist type or an arm type, depending on what is easiest for you. They also come in a manual style, but if you are taking your own blood pressure, you will find an automatic one much easier to use.

It also pays to think about whether you want a power adapter in case the batteries get drained. This depends on whether you travel or use it at home.

You also want to think about the device's memory.  It can be very useful if it automatically stores your last 20 readings, so you can give them to your doctor.

If you have trouble with your hands or eyesight, then easy to read and press display and buttons make taking your blood pressure much easier.

You also need to check the measurement of your arm or wrist to make sure the device will fit - these cuffs can usually be purchased separately.

Omron BP Monitors

We stock Omron Blood Pressure Monitors because they are high quality and built to last. Should anything ever go wrong (which happens on occasion, but not very often) they come with a manufacturer's warranty so you know you can get them fixed or replaced  You will find more warranty details in the pack.
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