The Clinicians range of nutritional support offers to provide the body with optimum wellness. The products can also support the body when taking medicines, by helping replenish the nutrients that the body loses. Clinicians are committed to providing wellness supplements based on research and with application to a modern lifestyle.

What is Clinicians Multiflora?
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What is Clinicians Multiflora?

Clinicians Multiflora contains probiotics that support a healthy stomach and good bowel movements. It also supports a healthy immune system and general well being. It is suitable for the whole family.

What is Clinicians Magnesium?

Clinicians Magnesium contains complex magnesium. It helps support the cardiovascular and immune system as well as hormonal, muscular and skeletal health. Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body needs in order to have healthy muscle tone and blood pressure. Magnesium also plays an important role in cellular energy production, and supports relaxation and sleep.

What is Clinicians Nasal Spray?

Clinicians Nasal Spray helps ease sinuses and prevent bacteria from spreading in order to provide you with unobstructed breathing. It contains Xylitol which is known for its antibacterial function.

What is Clinicians DIM?

Clinicians DIM or Women's Hormone Support contains Di-indolylmethane that supports healthy oestrogen balance. Balance of oestrogen is important in order to avoid health problems. Page updated 24/01/22 3:32:02 am

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