Cough Cold Remedies

Coughs and colds are some of the most common conditions that people suffer from. The symptoms can include sneezing, sore throat, blocked nose and coughing. There are different cough and cold remedies, including some home remedies. Coughs and colds can be tough, especially for children under two and infants.
Types of cough and cold remedies
  | Home remedies for coughs and colds
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What are the different types of cough and cold remedies?

Expectorants assists in loosening the mucus for easy expulsion during cough.

Nasal decongestants work by soothing a clogged or blocked nose.

Cough suppressants aids in reducing the coughing.

Antihistamines help stop runny nose and sneezing.

Remember to always ask your doctor about these remedies because some cough and cold remedies are not recommended for children under four years old.  

What are some home remedies for cough and cold?

Cough and cold remedies can be found at home. It is important to drink plenty of fluids to reduce congestion and prevent dehydration. It is also recommended to inhale steam to sooth your congested nose.  You can use a pot of boiling water or a humidifier to do this. Page updated 21/01/21 7:04:34 PM

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