Detox or detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the human body.  It is believed that detoxification can help relieve fatigue, sluggishness, skin problems, aches and pain and especially digestive problems. Due to factors such as stress and unhealthy lifestyles, the body may need to refresh and be cleansed.

How does a detox cleanse the body?
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How does a detox cleanse the body?

A detox cleanses the body by removing toxic substances that can potentially cause health problems. The idea of detoxification is centered on letting the body rest, cleansing it and nourishing it in an holistic way. Removing toxic substances and replenishing the lost healthy nutrients in your body can aid in promoting optimum health.

What food should I include in my detox diet?

Having a detox diet plan is a recommended way of natural detox that can be done at home. You should always seek the advice of a health professional to support you.  Here are some suggestions that you could include in your home detox program:
Eat foods that are rich in fibre.
Drink a healthy amount of water.
Avoid alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugar and saturated fats.
Minimise chemical based products.
Take herbs that contains properties that protect the liver such as green tea.
Take Vitamin C.
Make your body sweat to release waste through perspiration. Page updated 19/11/20 3:26:25 am

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