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Looking for at home drug tests that you can use to check yourself or your children? These tests can be used to test marijuana and a range of street drugs in as little as 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home. They use the same ingredients as many labs but are available for home use. Check out our range of drug testing products below.  Buy conveniently online now, and have your purchased delivered by courier direct to your door.   What is drug testing? | Limitations of drug tests  | Factors that affect results
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What is drug testing?

Drug testing is done to check if there are traces of drugs in your system by using body samples of urine, breath, hair, saliva or sweat. There are drug tests that are done by clinics and there are drug tests that can be done at home.

Limitations of drug tests

While drug tests can detect traces of drugs in the system, they can't tell the exact amount of drugs used and the time when they were used.

Factors that affect drug test results

Drugs are processed by people differently hence the results of drug tests can be unique to each person. Two persons can take drugs at the same time and have different results. Factors that affect results are the strength of the drug, the amount used, the method of using, other drugs taken along with it, the tolerance of a person to the drug, age and gender, and health and metabolism.

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