Facial Redness

When your skin is hot, itchy or red it can be hard to know what products to put on it. We carry a range of skincare products specifically designed to help relieve and soothe skin redness.  Browse our range, buy online, and have your purchase delivered fast directly to your door.

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Facial skin redness is very common and has multiple causes, but sometimes it can be a sign of an underlying skin condition, such as rosacea. The signs can vary from one person to another, and if you are concerned, it is recommended to see a dermatologist to seek a proper diagnosis and treatment.  

Types of facial skin redness

Blushing - blushing or flushing could also be an early sign of rosacea.
Persistent redness - it could look like sunburn but does not go away.
Bumps and pimples - these could resemble acne or blackheads but normally they appear as small red solid bumps and sometimes they contain pus inside, and can cause a burning or stinging sensation.
Eye irritation - if you experience this symptom, it can be a sign of ocular rosacea.
Burning sensation - itching or stinging sensations may develop on the face.
Red patches - these are called plaques and they can develop around surrounding skin.

Skin redness and skin care

It is important to make sure that your skin care routine suits your skin type. If you often experience skin redness it is recommended to use a mild and non abrasive cleanser, rinse with lukewarm water and dry your skin with a cotton towel. Look for products specifically designed to be non irritating for sensitive skin.  Exposure to the sun can also worsen skin redness which is why it is also important to use products with SPF 15 or higher.

Skin redness relief.

There are oral and topical medications that can be prescribed to help relieve facial skin redness, and your dermatologist will prescribe the right one for you, depending on the cause.  Proper skin care is also recommended to protect the skin. Ask your dermatologist about the right products and treatment for your specific case. Page updated 16/07/19 4:04:58 am

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