I love the self confidence boost and instant glow you have from having soft healthy shiny hair. When it comes to hair care finding the right products for your hair type can make all the difference to your self esteem. From shampoos and conditions to scalp ments and styling products we have products to suit everyone. Check out our Most Popular Hair Care Products below or use the navigation to your left to see more products.
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Know your hair type

Taking good care of your hair is important, especially when you have coarse, damaged, dry, oily or dull hair. There are products that cater to specific hair types, so the first step in taking good care of your hair, is knowing which hair type you have. This will allow you to choose the right products for your needs, and ensure you get much better results.  

Signs of healthy hair

Here are some signs that let you know about the state of your hair:
Shine - the hair only shines if it's smooth.
Smoothness - the hair is only smooth if the shaft of the hair is undamaged.
Stretchiness - the healthier the hair, the more stretchy each strand is
Frizz factor - damaged hair is more likely to stick out and frizz up
Clear, dandruff free scalp
Hair loss - the more hair loss you experience, the less healthy your hair is.

Haircare tips

When washing and conditioning your hair, remember to rinse thoroughly.
Distribute conditioner through the hair evenly. You can use a comb to do this.
When applying conditioner start from mid-length and work to the ends, avoid the roots.
Dry hair needs deep conditioning.
When drying your hair, squeeze gently to get rid of excess water. Do not rub your hair with the towel.
Condition hair and/or use heat protectant styling products before blow drying.
When blow drying your hair move from roots to ends. This will help you avoid frizz.
Dry your hair thoroughly before styling. Page updated 25/06/19 4:12:47 am

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