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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oils, Gels, Flakes and Lotions are made from raw ultra high quality magnesium chloride from an underground seabed over 250 million years old. Because the seabed is underground it is away from man made pollutants and one of the purest sources of magnesium in the world. As the body does not naturally produce magnesium, and things like sweating, medications and soft drinks can leach it from the body, it is important that we get magnesium from our diet and support optimal magnesium levels.

Magnesium oil benefits the body's optimal health. It supports the body with minerals so its functions that relate to cardiovascular, muscular and neurological health, along with hundreds of other processes, perform at their best. Benefits   Side effects    How to make magnesium oil     Why Ancient Minerals? 
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What are some of the benefits of magnesium oil?

  • Ultra pure source away from man made pollutants
  • You do not lose magnesium in the digestion process.
  • Absorbed through the skin "transdermally" rather than through the body.
  • Helps prevent magnesium deficiency.
  • Plays a huge role in optimal health.
  • Assists cardiovascular health.
  • Promotes good nutrition that supports healthy muscular and neurological systems.

What are some of the side effects of magnesium oil?

It is best to ask your doctor before taking a product in order to be aware of its side effects. It also helps to read the label prior to use.

How to make magnesium oil

If you do not want to buy a magnesium oil, gel or lotion already made up you can also find Magnesium Chloride Flakes. These flakes can be combined with water and dissolved to form magnesium chloride. This is great if you want to control the dilution and amount of magnesium chloride in your bottle, as people with skin sensitivity may react to the full strength but find that half strength suits them.

Why Ancient Minerals?

Ultra Pure remote source away from man made pollutants
Absorbs magnesium faster than oral supplements
No losing magnesium in the digestive tract
Easy to apply
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