Running low on your multivitamin or favourite supplement? Don't worry, we have you covered. Simply order online -  it only takes 2 minutes and we will pop it into a courier bag and have it on your doorstep fast. Most New Zealand orders arrive the next day but we say to allow 3 business days. You will find all of your favourite brands including GoHealthy, Sanderson, Natures Own, Prescript Assist, Ancient Minerals, Inner Health, Elevit, Clinicians, Good Health, Blackmores, Bach, Thompsons, Nature's Way... and more. . Top Nutrition Supplements    -  Nutritional Supplements for the Elderly  -  Supplements online   -  Do vitamin supplements work?Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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Top Nutrition Supplements

If you're wanting a multi purpose supplement or to see what others in your area are buying then check out our best sellers page or the multivitamin page <--- LINK page.

Nutritional Supplements for the Elderly

As you age, your body's nutritional needs change.  Also if you are unwell it is sometimes hard to get all of your needs from your diet. We always recommend you eat a healthy diet, but if you need some support, supplements are a great way to assist your body's nutritional needs. You can find supplements and other helpful products for seniors on our Senior Health page

Supplements online

Buying supplements online is great as you can easily compare the price, the amount of the active ingredient, and learn more about what goes into each product. When you're standing in a shop it's hard to get a feel for the product just by looking at the back of the bottle.  On this website you can read reviews and compare pricing to make sure you are getting the best possible product at the best possible price. And if you order before 3pm on a week day we will ship your order that day so it gets to you fast at home or at work.

Do vitamin supplements work?

Vitamin and mineral supplements are just that - supplements.  They are meant to support a healthy diet but should never be used to replace a healthy diet. They are a great way to support your nutritional needs if you know you are not getting everything you need, or perhaps if you have children who are fussy eaters.

Need help with supplements? You can also speak to one of our treatment optimisation pharmacists who can guide you towards the best product for your lifestyle.
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