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All of the prices on the website are for the website only and are not the same as the prices in our physical store.

Q. Why?
A. When someone buys from the website we do not have to pay staff, shop rentals so we have lower overheads and can pass these savings on to you.

Q. Why are there products on your website that you do not have in store? Because we read our suppliers stock numbers into our online inventory (so we can be sure we have stock to send A A. You when you order online) we can offer a larger shopping catalogue on our website than we do in our physical store.

Q. How does that effect delivery times?
A. We receive stock twice a day from our local supplier so we can still dispatch you order that day if it is made before 4pm. We have a New Zealand Post depot in our pharmacy so the courier drops in a few times a day to pick up stock. This allows us to offer fast shipping.

Q. Can I pick up my order?
A. No - This is because as we mentioned above not all of our stock on offer on our website is kept at the retail store at our pharmacy in the colombo mall. There are over 9000 products and some extra brands on the website, we simply could not fit all of that stock into our retail store.Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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