Did you know that sunburn can occur on a cloudy and overcast day? It is important to look after you skin and be sun smart year round.  As my childhood teacher use to say  "SLIP, SLOP, SLAP...Slip on a t shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a Hat" This was great advice then and still applies! Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your hands, feet and lips these areas are usually exposed to the sun the most and are often overlooked when applying sunscreen. In our atalog you will find a range of sun care products from sunscreens to after sun burn products to soothe sore red skin. If you are in the water remember to chose a waterproof sunblock, if you are playing sport you want to chose a sports sunblock that will not sweat off in the heat. In the snow? A SPF lip balm can be a life saver to avoid chapped, sunburnt and wind burnt lips.

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