Scarring is caused by a change to the physical architecture of the skin tissue because of damage associated with trauma or disease. Scarring is a normal part of the skin's healing process, but there are products available to help support the fading of scars.  For example Bio Oil and Nourish Oil are two mineral oils designed to help reduce the appearance of scars.   Browse our range of oils and creams below, and have your purchase delivered directly to your door. How to reduce scarring  |   What is keloid scarring?   |  Scarring caused by stretch marks
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How to reduce scarring

Scarring is a natural part of the wound's healing process, but it is vital to maintain proper wound care to help minimise unsightly scars.  In extreme cases, surgery may be used to reduce scarring.  

You can also use products such as certain oils and creams to help reduce the appearance of scars.  As a cosmetic option, you can use creams, concealer and sunscreen to help protect and conceal your scars.

What is keloid scarring?

Sometimes when scars heal improperly it can result in a keloid. It is the itchy, thick red and knobby bump that can grow on the area of the original wound.  

Scarring caused by stretch marks

When the skin stretches because of pregnancy or weight gain, it can produce linear streaks on the skin. They tend to appear near the armpit, abdomen, chest, groin and on the thighs.  Controlling stretch marks can be difficult but keeping your skin moisturised to improve its elasticity may be of help.  Products such as Bio Oil and Nourish Oil are designed to nourish the skin and help improve the appearance of stretch marks.
Page updated 09/10/19 5:03:36 pm

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