Thermometers come in all shapes and sizes to suit you and your family's needs. Digital thermometers are a fast way to measure temperature and some of the more advanced models will even remember your last three readings. Mercury thermometers are a tried and trusted way to take you temperature. We also stock Digital Ear thermometers and probes for fast accurate readings. Buy Thermometer, Digital Thermometer and Mercury Thermometers, Ear Thermometer online at Family Brands New Zealand. Great prices, fast delivery.
What are the type of thermometers? | How do I use a thermometer?
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Thermometers are essential in treating conditions. Determining the body temperature is one of the most important steps when you are monitoring a condition. When medicating a fever, body temperature must be tracked. There are different types of thermometers to help you monitor a temperature. Mercury glass thermometers have been used to measure temperatures in the rectum, mouth and underarm. Electronic digital thermometers are used because they measure faster and are easy to read. There are also infrared ear and forehead thermometers available.

What are the type of thermometers?

Mercury glass thermometers - used in the rectum, mouth, or under the arm. This type of thermometer can break easily that is why this type is no longer recommended.
Electronic digital thermometers - provides a faster reading that can easily be read. Unlike glass thermometers they pose no risk of injury from broken glass.
Infrared thermometers - measures heat generated by surfaces and cavities. They offer accurate, fast and easy to read results.

How do I use a thermometer?

There are different ways of measuring temperature and the reading might differ depending on the method. Measuring the body temperature using the ear is a gentle way and is preferred by most parents. When measuring using the ear, look for a thermometer with a small tip, always use the same ear and make sure that the child is sitting still in order to get accurate result. Taking the temperature using the forehead is a gentle method. Infrared thermometers measure the energy emitted from the skin and converts it to temperature value. Before measuring using the forehead make sure the patient has been indoors for 30 minutes. When measuring temperature of children, under the arm is a safe and straightforward method. An oral thermometer is another way of taking temperature but needs to be performed carefully. The tip should not be exposed to the environment to avoid a cooling down of the sensor. Rectal temperature is another method but can be difficult and uncomfortable.
Page updated 19/11/20 3:26:25 am

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