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Waxing is the hair removal option of choice for many people because it removes hair for up to four weeks. This means you don't have to mess around with plucking or shaving for a month. It also allows your skin to rest, meaning it is smoother and less irritated.  When you wax regularly, the hair becomes finer and the pain of waxing lessens.  There are many products available that allow you to do your own waxing at home, and with a little practice, you can have salon perfect results.  Check out our range of waxing products below, or use the navigation links to see more products.  Important tips for at home waxing  |  Bikini waxing  |  Facial hair waxing |   Leg hair waxingPrices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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Important tips for at home waxing

  • Clean your skin before applying the wax.
  • Avoid applying moisturiser because it lessens the effectiveness of the wax.
  • Do not wax if you have your period because your skin is more sensitive to pain during those days.
  • Waxing removes dead skin cells therefore there is no need to exfoliate beforehand.
  • Perform an allergy test before using a waxing product.

Bikini waxing

Waxing your bikini area helps keep your intimate area neat and tidy. Most women use wax strips for the bikini line because they are mess free and safe. When waxing make sure your hair is about 2 cm long. The shorter the hair, the less painful waxing will be.

Facial hair waxing

Waxing your facial hair is one hair removal option for this sensitive area. Tie your hair back before waxing and use a big mirror to see what you are doing. Make sure you go gently, as your facial skin is very delicate.  

Leg hair waxing

If you intend to wax your leg hair, you need to grow it out to about 1- 2 cm. Always apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. If you are using a heated wax, take care to avoid overheating. If you are using a wax strip pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Page updated 25/02/20 3:41:32 am

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