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Brief Overview

The Back Pod is a super strong back stretching device developed by a kiwi physio to help during times of back pain, tight upper back, neck pain and headaches caused by hunching at a desk all day....

More Details...

ihunch and back podBodystance Back Pod for Back and Neck Pain

The Back pod is an easy to use back stretching device developed by a New Zealand physiotherapist to stretch out tight sore upper backs that have been hunched over a desk all day. Helps to open up the chest and increase flexibility in the spine.As seen in and on The New York Times, TVNZ, One News, Newstalk ZB, The Heralds.

Stuck behind a desk or on your phone all day?  The Bodystance Backpod is Medically Designed to Stretch Out a Flexed, Hunched Back during itmes of upper back and neck pain. We ship this product Fast Internationally and where possible we dispatch on the same day it is ordered.


  • Stretches your spine in the opposite direction to how you have been sitting all day.
  • Encourages flexibility
  • Supports during time of chest, back, neck pain and headaches associated with hunching over a desk or computer all day
  • Developed by a New Zealand Physio
  • Use for a few minutes each night to relax the spine.
  • Can be used on the back, neck and shoulders
  • Save on massages and pain killers fighting the symptoms of the ihunch

backpod cross sectionFeatures:

  • Made from a super strong polycarbonate build to last.
  • Built to last up to 10 years
  • Received  red dot design away for innovation
  • Bronze at the best design awards in 2013
  • The Creator is a Finalist of the New Zealand Innovators Awards of 2013

In the media:

As seen in the:
New York Times - You iphone Is Ruining Your Posture - and Your Mood
New Zealand Herald - Smartphone addiction creating generation of teenage hunchbacks
TVNZ - nz s embarrassing obesity levels key source back pain and depression - Back Pain Gets the pod treatment

    backpod awards

    What do I get in the pack?

    • A back pod
    • Full instructions and Reading material on posture
    • Access to video instructions for stretches and massage techniques for a healthy spine


    • Place three pillows on the floor
    • Place the device under your body in the middle of shoulder blades
    • Place your arms behind your head on the pillows so you can relax.
    • This helps stretch your spine in the opposite direction to how it has been bend forward all day. Hold each position on the back pod for 30 seconds, you can wriggle around to work the back pod over the whole area and assist stretching and help loosen things up.
    • You can remove pillows one by one as your flexibility builds up. You should feel the slight discomfort of a deep stretch, but never be in pain. You want to work on increasing flexibility at a level that is comfortable for you.
    • Use for a few minutes each night to relax the spine.
    Here is a video with steve august the creator walking you through how to use it

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