There are probably more than 6 reasons why you should quit smoking. In fact, advocates of non-smoking can probably draw up 100 reasons to give up this vice. However, these are the non-smokers talking. But what about those individuals who have already been smoking for years and the thought of giving up is perhaps one of their worst nightmares.

Reason # 1 – Looking at your lungs will scare you

If you had the chance to look inside your own lungs, you will probably be horrified. Smoking builds up sticky black tar in your lungs that result to the reduction of oxygen exchange, carbon dioxide as well as nutrients between tissues and bloodstream. This restriction will definitely affect your entire body but most especially your lungs.

Studies have shown that smokers greater difficulty breathing as compared to non-smokers and are most likely to develop painful and chronic coughing due to increased phlegm production. On the other hand, the good news is that once you quit you can still clear your lungs of tar and your body will start its healing process 12 hours immediately after your last cigarette consumption. But improved lung function will take up to three months. This data is released by the National Cancer Institute.

Reason # 2 – You look much older than you are

This may not be too much of a concern for men but for women, this can be a major reason to consider quitting. It is easy to pinpoint the person in a crowd who smokes because their skin speaks for itself. It is well-known that smoking accelerates ageing.

Smoking reduces the body’s ability to repair the damages caused by environmental factors. According to Dr. Michelle Aszterbaum, a dermatologist in Newport Beach in California, this consequence can easily lead to more wrinkles. Aside from wrinkled skin, you may also suffer from dull, pale complexion, yellowish teeth, fingers and nails. These may seem aesthetics but they are reason enough to quit the habit.

Reason # 3 – You are the unpleasant smell in the room

Cigarette smoke sticks to your body, this means not only do you smell while smoking but long after your cigarette is put out. The scent that smoke leaves behind envelop not only your clothes, car, hair but it also leave a bad scent in your work area and at home. And the worst part is that smoking gives you bad breath; no matter how much mint candy you take if you consume a pack of cigarette a day, the scent will not disappear.

Reason # 4 – Think of your fertility

This may be directed to women but men should also be concerned. Women who are smoking may have difficulty getting pregnant whereas men smokers may have low sperm count. If this is not enough reason, here’s a better explanation. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, smoking can accelerate the loss of eggs and may lead to advanced menopause for several years. And as for men, you are at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction if you don’t quit smoking.

Reason # 5 – Smoking may lead to depression

A study released by the Archives of General Psychiatry found out that people who smoke can develop depression twice as much as compared to non-smokers. So if you are a perennial smoker and feeling blue lately, you may well need to stop the habit to see the sunnier side of life.

Reason # 6 – It is an expensive habit

You’ve got to admit it, the cost of cigarettes can take a big chunk out of your weekly budget. If you will kick the bad habit you are not only saving your health but you can also gain financial benefits by not buying a pack a day. Not to mention you are also helping the environment emit more oxygen.

It has been said time and again that smoking is a bad habit that does not only ruin your life but can affect those around you. If you are seriously thinking about quitting, Check out our range of Quit Smoking Products on our website 




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