Are you sick of pimples? They can be embarrassing and they always seem to pop up at the wrong time – like Christmas parties, weddings and birthdays.  Now, not all pimples are created equal; they can be caused by different factors, such as bacteria and hormones. This is why acne prevention can be a challenge. Acne relief, on the other hand, need not be so difficult. Read on for our list of the best acne creams in the market.

Choosing the best acne creams for your needs

You want to get on top of pimples fast so you can feel confident again, but you might be feeling unsure about which product to choose or what the ingredients mean.

So here are the 3 top selling acne creams in our online store, with a bit more info about each of them, to help you make your choice.  

Our Best Acne Creams

Benzac AC Gel

Benzac AC Gel comes in 2.5, 5 or 10% strengths. It has the same active ingredient as Proactive at a great price. Benzac works by killing acne causing bacteria and helping to unclog pores. This moisturising gel is ideal for dry skin with its ingredients that absorb excess oils and release glycerol, which helps reduce the risk of irritation.

Benzac AC Gel - best acne creams
Benzac AC Gel 10% 50g

Crystaderm Cream

Crystaderm Cream is a first aid cream and acne treatment in one. The active ingredient hydrogen peroxide dries out pimples while fighting many types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  It is ideal when acne develops pus and helps prevent infections. 

Crystaderm Cream is free from preservatives and can be used on both moist and dry skin.

Crystaderm - best acne creams
Crystaderm Cream 25g

Skinoren Cream

Skinoren Cream can be used for acne, pimples, and blackheads.  The active ingredient azelaic acid and helps kill and prevent the growth of bacteria. While other ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to help unclog the pores and sebaceous glands.

Skinoren - best acne creams
Skinoren Cream 30g

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