When most people hear the word Magnesium, they don’t think of it as a lotion. But magnesium lotion does exist. And exists for good reason.  Magnesium lotion can be just as beneficial as other applications of Magnesium. And maybe even more so.

Why use Magnesium Lotion?

The concept is, if the skin can push substances out, it can also pull them in. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is made up of millions of tiny openings. These openings allow sweat to escape and also absorb some substances. One of these substances is Magnesium. The process of the skin absorbing substances is called dermal absorption. Knowledge of this process has resulted in the development of topical applications of magnesium.

What are the functions of Magnesium?

Magnesium plays a vital role in many processes in the body. Processes such as cellular detoxification, decreasing inflammation and enhanced cognitive function. Magnesium may also help lower blood pressure, reduce type 2 diabetes risk, and improve bone health. Lastly, it may help to reduce stress and anxiety, headaches and migraines and help you get better sleep. 

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

Ancient Minerals is a brand of ultra pure magnesium oil. It is sourced from an ancient underground seabed. This seabed has become more and more concentrated, since before the industrial revolution. This is due to it being insulated by man-made pollutants. It is one of the purest sources of magnesium in the world.

To use magnesium lotion you apply it to the skin, just like a regular moisturiser. The magnesium will be absorbed and because it is enriched with Shea and Coconut Butters your skin is nourished. It is perfect for applying after the gym, yoga or cross fit. The ingredients soothe and hydrate your skin without leaving a waxy or greasy feel.  Finally, because you are not taking it orally, the magnesium does not pass through the digestive tract. 

Why choose a topical application of magnesium over the other ways to enrich your body of this mineral?

Firstly, because it is absorbed faster. Secondly, because it is easy to integrate into your lifestyle. If you’re the type who always forgets to take supplements, then a topical application is perfect for you. Just smooth it on your skin after a shower or bath. No more trying to create a routine of popping tablets or capsules. Then you can relax and enjoy moisturised skin.

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