Have you noticed that your nails chip or break easily sometimes? Broken nails are not a pretty sight. Applying nail polish on weak nails can also be impossible at times, not to mention the annoyance of nails breaking at the most inconvenient of moments!

What is a nail strengthener?

A nail strengthener looks like a clear polish and is applied to soft and brittle nails to help them harden and strengthen. Nail strengthener is sometimes called nail hardener. Most nail strengtheners are formulated to restore keratin to the nails in order to increase their durability.

Brittle nails can be caused by a lack of keratin in the nails. Imagine your nails being an intricate fabric and then imagine its threads being pulled one by one. That is exactly the effect of having deficient nail keratin.

When do you need a nail strengthener?

If the tips of your nails bend, or it’s difficult for you to grow long nails because of constant breakage,  you might need to go grab a bottle and protect those nails. Also, if you intend to make your manicure or pedicure last because you paid for it, and allotted time to get it, you need to make sure that your nails are strong enough to keep those lovely colours intact.

We have a range of bestselling nail strengtheners that available in our online store.  Here are just two:

Malava Nail Hardener 5ml

  • Supports healthy nails and helps decrease breakage.
  • Helps prevent splitting and flaking of the fragile parts of the nail.
  • Penetrates the nail and hardens it.
Malava Nail Hardener
Malava Nail Hardener

Kiss Nails Strengthening Breathable Manicure System

  • Helps prevent nails from peeling, breaking, tearing and cracking.
  • Supports healthy and strong nails.
Kiss Nails Strengthening Breathable Manicure System
Kiss Nails Strengthening Breathable Manicure System


Excited to try these products? Have any nail strengtheners that you use regularly? Add your thoughts in the comment section below! Visit our online store to browse and buy nail strengtheners online:


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