Do you use the common brand of allergy nasal spray called Flixonase, or Flonase as it is known overseas? You might have noticed they have undergone a rebrand in New Zealand and Australia. We have had customers in the store asking us if it has been taken off the shelf because they are still looking for the old orange packing. But never fear – it is still available, only in an updated flixonase packaging

Flixonase: Generic Flonase with the same packaging.

Are you looking for a well-priced fluticasone nasal spray? Flixonase is a generic Flonase sold under a different brand here in New Zealand. It is made by the same company, has the same active ingredients – just a different brand name and cheaper price point.

We ship Flixonase internationally and find most international orders arrive in around 6 – 10 business days. As you can see, both Flixonase and Flonase have the same packaging and logo. It comes in a 120 dose pack which will last 3 months.

What is flixonase Nasal spray used for?

It works best as a preventative against allergies but will also provide relief during times of hayfever and allergies. You simply spray it up your nostril one a day during in the lead up to and during hayfever season to help prevent the symptoms of allergies in the nose.

How many times do I take flixonase a day?

It is designed to be taken once a day.

Are flixonase and flonase the same?

Yes. As you can see from the pictures it looks pretty much the same packaging wise, it just sold under a different brand name here in New Zealand. It used to be in an orange paper pack but now comes in a plastic casing that is somewhat hard to get into, but keeps all of the instructions tucked away inside when you open the pack.

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