There have been some pretty horrible bugs out there be it winter, spring or even summer we are still seeing a bunch of people coming through the doors with winter chills, ills, colds and flus. One product we recommend having on hand is a digital ear thermometer so you can track your temperature and know when to seek help. The Omron TH839s Ear Thermometer is a great option as it works fast, its easy to use and read.

digital Ear Thermometer

We all know how unsettled babies and children can be when they are ill so it’s important to get the readings fast so you can stay on top of things. These thermometers make it really easy to take a temperature reading in a non-invasive way so you can keep an eye on any sick family members and know when to take action.

Here is how you use this digital ear thermometer

As you can see from the video this digital ear thermometer is really easy to read, with a big face, you can check and keep track of temperature readings. This is great for knowing if their temperature is, high, normal… and unlike old glass thermometers, they can not stick the measurement on a lightbulb to spike their temperature and get the day off school.

Why we like the Omron HT839s.

  • Fast and accurate results so you know when to act.
  • Takes a reading in 1 second so there is no waiting around
  • Has a nice big easy to read screen
  • A big on and off button so you do not waste power
  • A comfortable measure button that is easy to hold.
  • It beeps when your reading is ready so no time is wasted
  • It has a fever alert when their temperature is over 37.5.

Want to learn more about the features and benefits of this little beauty? Head to our online store where you can learn all about the product and shop online, or compare it against other models.




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