Our feet undergo tremendous stress every day. Walking from place to place, running errands, or standing for hours at work or play. By the end of the day, we can be feeling a little stiff and sore. Having proper support is important, but these days shoes are not always as practical as they are pretty. So we need to look for ways to support our legs (after all they support our body all day). That is where these  Scholl Gel Activ Insoles come in. They come in a range of sizes and varieties for men and woman to support any shoe for any occasion.

For Leg Pain

As everyone says prevention is better than cure, in other words, you can minimise leg pain by planning for it. And there are a number of recommended and effective ways to do this planning.

4 Ways to support your body against Leg Pain

Exercise regularly.

Moving keeps your blood flowing, and healthy circulation means less leg pain. Plus exercise does not just benefit your legs but your whole body as well.

Watch your weight.

Sometimes our legs cannot handle how much we weigh. The less our weight the less stress our legs have to endure. This is also important for people who engage in heavy physical activities including athletes.

Give your legs a rest.

After a long day of strenuous activities, our legs deserve a rest. You can do this by elevating your legs 6 to 12 inches above your heart. This takes the pressure off your leg veins and empties blood from them.

Support your feet.

It is important that we wear the right shoes that fit properly and support our feet. Scholl Gel Active Insoles are an example of support for shoes that can cushion and absorb shock working to provide less pressure on your feet. Here’s an interesting video about this product range:

This Dr Scholl product range is available at our online store.

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Scholl Gel Activ Insoles For Sport

  • Helps absorb shock.
  • Works to reduce pressure from running or sports.
  • Comes with strong arch support and cushioning.
  • Designed to fit athletic footwear.

For men
For women

Scholl Gel Activ Insoles For Everyday

  • Trim to fit
  • All day potential shock absorption
  • Helps to reduce excessive pressure

For men
For women

Scholl Gel Activ Insoles For Work

  • Works to reduce excessive pressure.
  • Effectively helps absorb micro shocks.
  • Ideal for work boots.
  • Designed to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Made for arch support.

For men
For women

LEG PAIN can prevent you from doing important activities and can even lead to some serious health issues that’s why it needs to be treated before it gets worse. Have you tried any of these leg pain prevention activities? How has it been working for you? Let us know in the comments section.




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