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Need rapid pain relief? Take Voltaren Rapid Tablet 12.5mg. It is an effective treatment for the temporary relief of acute inflammatory conditions. Clinically proven to give fast pain relief....

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Voltaren Rapid Tablet 12.5mg 20 Tablets Pack

Are you in so much pain that what you want is a rapid pain relief? Take Voltaren Rapid Tablet 12.5mg. It is an effective treatment for the temporary relief of acute inflammatory conditions. Clinically proven to give fast pain relief.

Why Voltaren Rapid Tablet 12.5mg?
  • Because it will Help you get temporary relief from the following conditions:
    • muscle pain
    • rheumatic pain
    • backache
    • period pain
    • headache
    • dental pain.
  • Because you can also take it to get relief from symptoms of colds and flu.
Body aches and pains can be caused by a number of things. It is important to find the cause rather than just treating the symptoms. Voltaren can be used temporarily to Help deal with pain until you find the source of your pain

What is pain?
It is out body signals that tell us that there might be some underlying conditions or sometimes, it is just our body's way of telling us to take it easy or take a break.

What is contained in this product?
Each film coated tablet contains diclofenac potassium 12.5mg.

Recommended Dosage:
Take it by swallowing it whole with a glass of water.
Adults and children 14 years old and above must take 2 tablets as initial dose then followed by 1 to 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours depending on the severity of pain.
The maximum allowable dosage in 24 hours is 6 tablets.

Are there any warnings and precautions?
  • Voltaren Rapid Tablet 12.5mg is not suitable for those with stomach ulcer or other forms of stomach disorders, impaired kidney function or heart failure.
  • It is likewise not suitable for those who are allergic to aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Pregnant women are not advised to take this unless under medical supervision.
  • It should not be taken during the last three months of pregnancy.
  • It is not advisable for people who have asthma unless under medical supervision.
  • If you are taking other medications containing the same active ingredient, aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines or is taking other prescription medication, please refrain from taking this product.
  • Do not take more than the allowable dose within 24 hours.
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Customer Declaration:
I agree to use strictly as directed and if symptoms persist or if I suffer any adverse effects, I will contact my Doctor or Pharmacist. This is a "Pharmacy  Medicine". By ordering this product I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information regarding the product.


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